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6ft Ayana Black Wash

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174w x 178h cm (5.7ft x 5.8ft)
0.7" Thick
Teak Wood
Finish Black Wash
Super King Mattress Width
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Ayana Black Wash Headboard

All headboards reduced by £150 & Free Delivery!

Super King Mattress Width

Experieced artisans create each panel by hand drilling holes and using delicate finger thread saws. Carving, sanding and finishing over many weeks to bring each panel to life. The process of creating each carved panel is unique and represents the individuality of each artisan, no panel is ever the same. 

They use the traditional skill of hand making that has been passed down from generation to generation. Given the hand finished nature of these incredible pieces, please be aware that the overall alignment both around the perimeter and that of the pattern may not match up exactly. 

All headboards are carved as one peice before being cut into planks for ease of transport and installation. Comes complete with fittings & instructions.

Please note we only have single units of each design. 



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