Consider this, you will spend approximately 25 years of your life asleep,
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“Fill Power”, what does this mean?

The higher the “Fill Power” the greater the quality of the down, the softer it will be, the greater it will puff up (loft), the longer it will last, the better it will drape around your body and the warmer you will sleep.

Our premium Hungarian down duvets use 750+, the majority of other manufactures don’t come close, Fill Power is rarely quoted and hidden from view. If it’s not quoted it will be towards the lowest end quality of 200 and more importantly, from young, immature birds.

Down Quality & Filling

At Assured Living we specified the highest quality Hungarian Goose Down and Feather. Hungarian Goose is renowned for its superior quality, furthermore it is worth noting that our duvets are filled with a minimum of 50% Down up to a huge 90% Down for our premium Hungarian Goose Down duvets. 

We do not use Duck Down in any of our products simply because it is inferior to Goose Down in every respect.

Thread Count

The minimum thread count considered “acceptable" for down and feather duvets in approximately 260/sq inch. At this range feather and down will still be prone to escape via the weave of the threads. Again at Assured Living our minimum thread count for our duvets is 300/sq inch and a huge 500/sq inch for our premium Hungarian duvets.


To ensure equal distribution of the feather and down we use cassette box construction, each cassette box measures 30cm square. In addition all edges are double stitched and finished in delicate white piping.


Every part of our duvets uses 100% natural materials. The feather and down for example is washed multiple times in spring water and environmentally friendly soap until exceptionally clean. It’s worth noting that “anti allergy” is a chemical treatment, essentially impregnating and bleaching the feather and down. This very much goes against the ethos of Assured Living.

Memory Foam & Microfiber

You will not find any Microfibre or Memory Foam in any of our products. Both of these materials come from non renewable sources, they will not biodegrade and are highly polluting. Nature has given us everything we need for the best sleep possible.

Animal Welfare

The feather and down we specify in our duvets is important to us. We only use feather and down from birds who grow to maturity and harvested in post mortem state. Over the life of the bird, the feather is allowed to develop into the superior filling we use in our duvets.


There is no such thing as "Siberian" goose down, as no geese live in Siberia (with the exception of one rare migratory type of goose that is not used for down). The term Siberia is simply a marketing ploy, and most Siberian goose down is really from China.

Linen Benefits 

To start with, linen bedding is great for your health. It warms up in the winter and cools in the summer, so it relieves the skin of excessive heat when body temperature rises and warms you up if you are cold. Daily contact with linen can reduce sensitivity to cold, flu and other diseases. Linen has the greatest ability to “wick” away moisture better than other materials. 

Linen is an excellent investment, it is shown to last up to 20 years, destroys bad odours, since it is highly breathable, has high moisture absorbency and remains cool. It is not only ecologically friendly, it is also antistatic – it remains cleaner for longer periods of time, doesn’t cling to the body, and isn’t easily wrinkled. Linen is 30% stronger than cotton and becomes softer after every wash.

Organic linen fabric is made from materials that are not exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides, so the material is considered healthy. Linen has a light massaging effect because of the tiny breaks throughout the fabric. These breaks also stimulate our skin, which stimulates blood flow, promotes relaxation and is hypoallergenic.


The key to a good nights undisturbed sleep is temperature, by using high quality mature down and feathers our duvets will help maintain constant temperature and circulate air effectively. Typically, heavy weight duvets, densely packed with small immature feather and down create a thermal barrier. 

The heat from your body is trapped between you and the duvet, the temperature rises and you will be disturbed from your “deep sleep” cycle, into the “light sleep” cycle, (the part where you wake and throw the duvet back or hang a leg out at an attempt to cool down! ). The greater the frequency of “light sleep” cycles you encounter, the more restless you will be and the less “deep sleep” you will have.

In essence, deep sleep is where the magic happens, its the most restorative stage of sleep. Memory consolidation occurs, the body repairs muscles and tissues, stimulates growth and development, boosts immune function, and builds up energy for the next day.


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